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Aboriginal Australians and other ‘Others’


The contri­bu­tors to this volume repea­ted­ly point to the pain endu­red by those who have been “Othered” and pay care­ful atten­tion to the achie­ve­ments of Aboriginal Australians and other “Others”, who have star­ted to express them­selves and to take control of their repre­sen­ta­tion in order to heal from trau­ma­ti­zing expe­riences. They denounce the pro­cess of “Othering” and ste­reo­ty­ping and put the spot­light on the various attempts at sub­ver­ting dama­ging nega­tive ste­reo­types. They reveal the “dark side” of the colo­nial gover­nance stra­te­gy of conci­lia­tion and stu­dy post-colo­nial rewri­tings of other colo­nial ges­tures such as dis­co­ve­ry and conquest. To a cer­tain extent, fol­lo­wing Romaine Moreton’s advice, they attempt to “reframe those nega­tive experiences”.

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