Aboriginal Australians and other ‘Others’

Joëlle Bonnevin, Sue Ryan-Fazilleau

The contributors to this volume repeatedly point to the pain endured by those who have been “Othered” and pay careful attention to the achievements of Aboriginal Australians and other “Others”, who have started to express themselves and to take control of their representation in order to heal from traumatizing experiences. They denounce the process of “Othering” and stereotyping and put the spotlight on the various attempts at subverting damaging negative stereotypes. They reveal the “dark side” of the colonial governance strategy of conciliation and study post-colonial rewritings of other colonial gestures such as discovery and conquest. To a certain extent, following Romaine Moreton’s advice, they attempt to “reframe those negative experiences”.

Nombre de pages : 220 | Format : 158 x 240 mm - Dos carré collé | Date de publication : 2014 | ISBN : 978-2-84654-390-3 | Prix : 26,00 €